The most advanced non-invasive technology Body-Contouring

Proven effectiveness from the first session This system is based on MULTIFOCAL HIFU, La HIMFU technology has a transducer operating at 2.9 MHz delivering a multifocal power to 2.5 centimeters deep allowing you to generate superior results in less time than any other treatment on the market.

  • Single device capable of removing subcutaneous fat tissue without resorting to surgery, punctures or hematomas.
  • Lipolysis of the highest power • Destruction of fibrosis and tissue re-vegetation without damaging the dermis, epidermis and adjacent tissues.
  • final elimination of adipose tissue by direct application
Manillar Ultracavitación con LED


Triple collagen reproduction power

This applicator 2.0 CORPORAL / FACIAL delivers up to 1050 watts of power. Its multipolar technology allows you to enter up to (-) minus 25 degrees from the head to the dermis; while increasing the internal temperature generating an instant lifting noninvasively and painlessly. • it Includes three technologies into a single head: MULTIPOLAR, monopolar and cryogen SYSTEM EFFECT

  • Through "THERMAL SHOCK" instant skin tightening, together with a detoxifying effect as a result of tissue oxygenation it produces dilation of blood vessels is generated.
  • It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin like no other technology on the market today.

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